Soviet interceptors had potholes with Israeli fighters in Syria


Photo: Sergey Skrynnikov / RIA Novosti

Syrian government forces during reflection of Israeli air raids involved the legendary Soviet MiG-25ПД. It is reported by the “Bulletin of Mordovia”.

“The last one left in flying condition MiG-25 should be based on the airbase Tiyas (T4), in an area which the Israeli group of aircraft and was struck on the alleged control of the Iranian UAV,” — said the expert edition Yuri Lyamin.

According to the “Bulletin of Mordovia”, the entire fleet of the MiG-25 some years ago consisted of about 40 aircraft, of which about 30 interceptors. These aircraft, also known as “Flying foxes” (Foxbat), long time were not involved in combat missions and have made only rare patrol missions.

However, as the newspaper notes, “Fox”, despite his advanced life, can still deliver “a lot of trouble even high-tech Israeli air force”.

On 10 February the Syrian air defense system shot down several aircraft of the Israeli air force after they launched air strikes on military targets in the country. In a press-service of the Israeli army spoke about the crash of one F-16 aircraft participated in the air RAID, which was accompanied by massive anti-aircraft fire from the ground.

In the night of Saturday, the Israeli military intercepted an Iranian drone aircraft that violated the country’s airspace from Syria. After that, Israeli aircraft struck “the Iranian targets” in neighboring countries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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