The coaches fought over the sled and prevented the Russian Olympian to win


Simon, Pavlichenkov: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Russian Luger semen Pavlichenko said about the conflict between his personal coach Eduard Burmistrov M. V. successfully managed and head coach of the national team of Russia albert Demchenko. Words athlete leads “Sport-Express”.

“The whole season I said nothing, but now that it’s over, no more. Wish they either made up, or the Federation President Natalia Gart intervened. Otherwise, just the whole thing’s a mess,” said Pavlichenko.

According to Luger, the main problem was the sled “I don’t know why, but albert always wants us to ride on his sleigh. And I don’t have results! Say: let these sleds put my old runners, then faster will. Left him a sledge, come, and he gives me completely different sled! And I the next day, going slowly. Sorry, but this is just a setup.”

The athlete noted that he continued to ride on the sled of his coach. “Here in Pyeongchang, I also rode on them. But try them in training did not work, because I tested the sled for a Novel Reprove. I have nothing against the Novel. But albert forbids him to communicate with me. Says I’m a bad influence”, he added.

Earlier, on February 11, at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang hosted the competitions of the Luge in a single race. The gold medal was won by Italian Dominik Fischnaller, the second was Austrian Wolfgang Kindl, the third — the German Johannes Ludwig.

Team “Olympic athletes of Russia” represented the Roman Reelow, Stepan Fedorov and semen Pavlichenko. Athletes located at the 6th, 14th and 15th places.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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