The owner of “Saratov airlines” remember “box from-under the copier»


Arkady Estatewhat: Christina Khrustaleva / “Kommersant»

Twitter users after the catastrophe of the passenger plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines” drew attention to the fact that a controlling stake of the company belongs to the firm of the businessman Arkady Evstafyev, who in the 1990-ies was an Advisor and press Secretary to the first Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais.

Evstafiev also known that in June 1996, as a member of the election headquarters of Boris Yeltsin, was arrested along with Sergei Lisowski at carrying out of the government House boxes of paper for the copier with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Subsequently they were released, and the incident became known as “the case of the box from under the copier” and repeatedly played out in popular culture.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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