A dying crime boss before his death told his story


Anatoly Kirillovich: primecrime.ru

Crime boss Anatoly Kirillov (shreds Cyril), who died January 30, before his death, spoke about his biography. The history of criminal authority publishes information Agency “Prime Crime”.

Kirillov was born on 3 February 1933 in the city of Borovichi in the Novgorod region. Without completing a single class, the first purse with 33 rubles stolen in seven years, in 1940, during the Soviet-Finnish war.

“He went to the orphanage in Vologda, where he was beaten and not fed for days. Run away. Lived in Cherepovets. There was arrested and taken to Yaroslavl in the same orphanage. In 1944 moved from Yaroslavl to Samarkand, from where he escaped a month and a half. In 12 years back in Borovichi” — he said.

From 1945 to 1953, with a few interruptions the man was in prison for pickpocketing. March 27, 1953, he was released on Amnesty on the occasion of Stalin’s death, and on 24 June of the same year, was detained in St. Petersburg and later was convicted of “embezzlement”.

23 APR 1958 Kirillov got a new term: along with other prisoners, they killed a foreman. Periodically, the prison he had committed other crimes for which his life is constantly increasing. Cyril was released on 12 may 1986, after serving without exit 33 years 7 months and 26 days.

“In 2003, quit stealing. Began to receive a pension. Before the age of 13 was not received”, — quotes Agency the words of criminals. 30 Jan Kirillov died in the village Pazmino Vladimir region before the age of 85-anniversary four days.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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