A student wrote a diploma on extremism and sat for extremism


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

24-year-old student Alexander Cruz from of Stary Oskol (Belgorod oblast) sentenced to 2.5 years in a penal colony for four repost in “Vkontakte”, which is considered extremist. The young man held a poll to write thesis on extremism, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to the newspaper, the student learns in the fifth year of the law faculty of the Voronezh economic-legal Institute in “criminal law”. In the spring of 2018, he had to defend the thesis on the topic “Extremism in the modern world: international aspects of combating”.

“In first year the teachers led a discussion about future thesis work, where the focus was that the students, many topics are avoided because of the need to conduct long-term studies. Brought up as an example of extremism. Well, I decided to take it “in development””, — he explained to the edition the topic for the diploma.

11 July 2017 in the apartment of the student came by the FSB and taken to the office of special services. At first he didn’t understand what happened.

“Asked about the hatred of Communists, Jews, Caucasians, blacks. I even lost count, what kind of hatred I suspect. I thought I was sleeping. Talked about Riposto. (…) I explained that, first, do research works, and secondly, all that I repost, there is on the Internet and not banned until now. That is, all the charges against me is some nonsense. And then I remembered that I had read, as we do, in Stary Oskol, has already been one such case — they put a guy for the repost. And then I finally woke up,” — said Cruz.

It was about reposted with images of a crossed-out hammer and sickle and the inscription: “On the trees instead of leaves will hang Communists”; the two soldiers crossed the star of David, Russian and Ukrainian flags and the inscription: “Turn the war in the fratricidal war of liberation”, of the words national socialist Maxim bazyleva at a rally in Moscow in 2005 that “Moscow ceases to be a Russian city” and his statement about the government: “Know the power in their own state, no one you on a silver platter will present. There will be blood, there will be tears our mothers”.

At the end of July against Cruz filed a case under article 282 of the Russian criminal code (“inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity”). He only found out on 27 August it became the first in the career of a young investigator.

Dec 28, Cruz was sentenced to 2,5 years of a colony-settlements. He was found guilty under article 282, to which was added part 2 of article 280 of the criminal code (“Public calls to extremist activity”). The student is also forbidden to use the Internet for half a year.

According to father Cruz, in the correspondence of his son left the information that he conducted a survey for the thesis, but the judge did not take into account.

The family filed an appeal against the decision of Stary Oskol city court. It will be reviewed on February 12.

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