American Schoolgirls were forbidden to deny the boys in dance


Photo: Rick Wilking / Reuters

American complained to the school, forbade her daughter to refuse the boys who invite her to dance at the disco. About it reported the edition WREG News Channel 3.

Natalie Richard (Natalie Richard) from Utah learned about the rule when I discussed with my 12 year old daughter a disco party in honor of Valentine’s day. The girl admitted that the teachers told them to do it if someone will call them to dance. The woman at first decided that the girl is not so understood and addressed in school, but they confirmed the existence of the ban.

“The teacher said that she could not refuse. She was obliged to agree,” — said Richard. The woman went to the school Director, but he only confirmed the presence of special conditions. A spokeswoman for the school later explained that the rule was created in order to cultivate children’s tolerance: “Be respectful and polite, please. We want to teach children kindness, so girls should accept the request to dance.”

However, according to Richard, the rule is contrary to the culture of harmony and teaches girls to agree to communicate with the boys even if you don’t want to, and boys that the girl has no right to say “no”.

Other parents also noted that dissatisfied with the rule, and called the policy “appalling and not respecting the personal space of the girls.”

Despite the publicity around the story, school is not going to undo the rule.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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