Armenia has approved the resolution of the conflict with Azerbaijan


Photo: RIA Novosti

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh can be solved only if official Baku refuses from “unrealistic expectations”. On Monday, February 12, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, reports “Sputnik Armenia”.

“As long as Azerbaijan will continue to be in the arms of dreams and rave about the capture of Zangezur (Syunik region of Armenia — primas’. “”) and Yerevan, we can not hope that the conflict will be resolved,” the President said, Recalling a recent statement by his Azerbaijani colleague Ilham Aliyev.

“In previous years, Azerbaijan has had many opportunities to solve the conflict peacefully. However, their actions led to the fact that now we can only talk about lost opportunities,” added the Armenian leader.

8 Feb Ilham Aliyev, speaking at a Congress of the ruling party “New Azerbaijan”, as a political and strategic goal of “return to Yerevan”, which, according to him, is “the historical territory of Azerbaijanis”. Aliyev attributed to the historical Azerbaijani lands of the Erivan khanate (South-West and Central region) of Armenia, Zangezur and Gokca (lake Sevan in the East of Armenia).

“This should be known as our younger generation and the whole world. We, Azerbaijanis must return to this historic land. It is our political and strategic goal to which we should gradually approach”, — Aliyev said.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Armenia accused Azerbaijan of the President of racism. “The statements of the Azerbaijani President, the state appeared on the political map of the world just 100 years ago, the territorial claims to Armenia. These statements, together with the repeated declarations that all Armenians are Azerbaijan’s enemies number one, once again demonstrates the racist nature of the ruling regime in Baku”, — said the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Armenia Tigran Balayan.

Nagorno-Karabakh, populated mostly by ethnic Armenians, declared independence from Azerbaijan in 1991. Baku tried to bring the region under their control by force, but failed. In 1994, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh signed with the mediation of Russia, the Bishkek Protocol on ceasefire.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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