Crimean authorities have blamed Ukraine in the performance of the teams “owners»


Dmitry Prosciutto: Dmitry Polonsky / RIA Novosti

Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Dmitry Polonsky advised Ukrainian colleagues “to work primarily within their own country”. He stated, commenting on the detention in Simferopol, a Ukrainian spy, his words reports RT.

“A neighboring state can not calm down, executes the commands of their masters. Independent decisions, there are no longer accepted. Before the presidential election attempts in any way to destabilize the situation. Fortunately for us, colleagues too overestimate themselves and their capabilities and completely underestimate the capabilities of our law enforcement agencies, in particular the FSB. Such attempts will be stopped and further”, — said Polonsky.

He noted that the Ukrainian government has a lot of problems with poverty, economy, production, demography, but do not solve them. “(…) any intelligence or abilities is not enough. There is only enough failed attempts of destructive impact on the situation in the Crimea”, — concluded the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic.

Earlier it was reported that in Simferopol detained a citizen of Ukraine Konstantin Davydenko, presumably collecting information on the activities of Regardie and the FSB. According to intelligence agencies, “data breach information abroad could compromise the security of the state.” A criminal case under article 276 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Espionage”).

In 2016, the FSB detained in the Crimea two Ukrainian subversive groups, which, according to investigators, was going to have a series of bombings on the civilian infrastructure of the Peninsula on the black sea fleet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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