Daughter trump opened the envelope with white powder and ended up in the hospital


Vanessa and Donald trump madshifta: Brian Snyder / REUTERS

Wife of Donald John trump Jr., son of the President of the United States, opened an envelope with white powder and ended up in the hospital. On it informs TV channel Fox News.

It is reported that the daughter of the American leader Vanessa trump opened the envelope addressed to her husband.

40-year-old model and mother of five children was taken to hospital as a precaution.

The TV channel reminds that the Tram Jr. in September last year, refused the services of the Secret service concerned, among other things, the protection of the first persons and their families. It was alleged that he wanted “more privacy”.

In March 2016 other son Eric trump, also sent the envelope with threats and white powder. Then the letter was opened by his wife Lara Yunaska. None of those who kept the letter in his hand, no signs of poisoning or disease.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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