Found effective medicine against cancer


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Scientists of the Cancer center in Georgetown (USA) found that the combination of drugs directed against the formation of new blood vessels and stimulating the immune system to successfully fight the aggressive cancer without side effects. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

It is shown that the drug axitinib inhibits angiogenesis — the formation of new blood vessels in an organ or tissue that is malignant is very intensive. Immunomodulatory agent pembrolizumab is an inhibitor of checkpoint immune system. Control points is called the specific proteins that are used by the tumor to deceive the lymphocytes and avoid her attacks. Pembrolizumab approved by FDA for the treatment of patients with several types of cancer, including cancer of melanoma, lung, bladder, head and neck.

Previous attempts to create a combination drug of drugs to block angiogenesis, and immunomodulators have led to the production of excessive toxic compounds. However, the results of a clinical study involving 52 patients with kidney cancer showed that the new drug is safer. More than 90 percent of the patients had remission, and the time when it is not observed progression of the disease, was 20.3 months.

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