France ended the labor force


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The French company faced a shortage of skilled workers despite the fact that the labor exchange was 3.5 million officially unemployed. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the surveyed companies and statistics on the labour market in France.

Difficulties, for example, is facing a supplier of parts for Airbus — Figeac-Aero. The head of the plant in Auxerre Patrice Parisot complains that the company did everything possible to attract new employees, but still can not cover the lack of employees. Advertising and training programmes the expected effect do not give. “I do not know who to turn to,” says Parisot.

According to the French employment Agency, of the 29 million working population of France are 3.5 million officially unemployed. By the end of 2017 200-330 of thousands of vacancies have not been closed, and 75 percent of them due to the lack of skilled workers.

The Agency notes that the problem of lack of qualified personnel is trying to engage the President of France Emmanuel macron. The government intends to invest about 15 billion euros on upgrading programs, retraining of personnel, as well as creating courses for improvement of skills and qualifications. Authorities fear that the lack of competitive workforce will become a drag for the economic growth of France.

The head of the Bank of France Francois Villeroy de Galo told the Agency that because of this issue, “the French car goes fast enough,” he calls on the government to solve the problem. “We cannot remain a country with three million unemployed in parallel with thousands of vacant jobs. It’s a real paradox” — angry, Villeroi.

Similar problems were experienced and the us labor market. Due to lack of qualified personnel of the American company have already started to incur losses.

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