Israel shot down an Iranian drone was a copy of the American


Iranian drone that was shot down over Israel, was a copy of captured by Tehran six years ago, an American Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel. This was stated by the representative of the army of the Jewish state Jonathan Conicus, according to CNN.

According to him, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was launched from Syria and invaded Israeli airspace early on the morning of February 10. His shot from the Apache combat helicopter, the wreckage fell near the town of Beit Shean. According to The Washington Post, experts have indicated that they are extremely similar to the Saeqeh, created on the basis of the RQ-170.

Conicus explained that the drone was sent into Israel with the specific mission. The army made this conclusion from the analysis of the route of its movement, but other details did not disclose. The spokesperson added that since the outbreak of civil war in Syria in 2011 this is the first time an Iranian drone flew into the territory of the Jewish state.

The representative of the Iranian foreign Minister said that such accusations as “too ridiculous”.

In the network published a video with the drone, and the subsequent strike on the alleged Iranian mobile command center in Syria, where the apparatus is operated.

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In response, the Syrian air defense system shot down several aircraft of the Israeli air force. One of them is the F-16i — crashed.

Iran announced the interception of a us reconnaissance Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel in December 2011. It was reported that this is done at the expense of disabling the control system. Iranian copy of the UAV made its first flight three years after that. The apparatus was constructed by the method of reverse engineering.

Sentinel was used by the CIA for reconnaissance from the air, including detection of objects related to the Iranian nuclear program. UAVs built using stealth technologies. Washington begged to get intercepted by the device, in response to Tehran demanded that the US apologize for the invasion of air space, notes The Washington Post.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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