Olympic champion rescued a dog from the Korean gourmets


Photo: @meaganduhamel

Canadian figure skater Megan Duhamel participating in the Olympics in 2018, one of the rescued Korean dogs, grown for slaughter. About the act the 32-year-old skater told New York Post.

“Most of the time he just wants to sit all the hands. He doesn’t even want to play, he just walks up to everyone and wants to be held,” — said Duhamel.

To help carry a dog named Moo-Tay abroad, said the representative of the society for the protection of Korean dogs Ek Pak. Pet is located at Duhamel for more than a week. The athlete posted an Instagram post in February 3, however, the media drew attention to the situation only a week later. Upon returning from South Korea, the skater plans to give the dog in good hands.

Paired with Eric Radford, Duhamel became the winner of the gold medal in the team tournament of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. Silver with Alina performance Sagitova went to the Russian team.

The dog — a national delicacy. In the area the Olympics are over 200 farms in terms of production. Earlier it was reported that the South Korean government took measures to close down the markets in the trade of dogs and their meat, but the result is not achieved. According to the Daily Mail to buy a dog can be 100 kilometers away from Pyeongchang at the Moran market. In the year there scored about 80 thousand dogs.

The Olympics will last until February 25.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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