Russian woman hit the man with a bottle in the toilet queue on a cruise ship


Photo: Reuters

The Russian withdrew from the Australian cruise ship after she staged a fight between passengers. Because of the incident the ship was forced to return to Sydney, said on Monday, February 12,

As notes the edition, on Sunday on Board there was a conflict between several men in the queue to the toilet. 37-year-old woman, presumably the girlfriend of one of the passengers struck 21-year-old man over the head with an empty bottle of wine and broke it. Started the brawl.

In the end, the security liner detained six men and a woman. All of them landed and handed over to the police. The passenger, who was injured, assisted medics on the ship.

The men were later released without presenting any charges and the woman was taken to the police station of Newtown. It is charged with intentional infliction of injury.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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