Spray mosquito spray in the face for HIV treatment is considered violence


Photo: MZGA page in Facebook

South African pastor, who provided the parishioners with the help of bug spray, was found guilty of assault on people. About it reports BBC News.

According to the information network, the self-proclaimed prophet, Letaba Rabalao (Lethebo Rabalago) in 2016, announced that the used insecticide cure cancer, HIV and other diseases. In the end, he sprayed with repellent people with any disease.

A lawsuit against the pastor has filed five people. Some of them have suffered from the harmful side effects means, in particular, after application they have a cough that lasted more than six months. As the judge ruled in Mookgopong (Limpopo province), violence against the plaintiffs was proved. According to him, spraying insect spray in people’s faces makes this crime the worst kind.

Photo: Facebook page MZGA in 1/4

Rabalao also known as “pastor rock” (Doom Pastor) — the name of the repellent Doom, which he used, writes BBC News. The final verdict the man will announce later. As noted, the hearing in his case has been repeatedly postponed, including for the lawyer, zabyvaemo your glasses.

Earlier in February, it was reported that in India, the man pretended to be a doctor and was infected with HIV, at least 21 people. He “treated” his patients for colds, coughs and diarrhea using dirty syringes and needles.

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