The furious Texan shot his beloved in the eyes of children


Photo: Reuters/ Shannon Stapleton

In the us state of Texas the man charged with that he killed his wife in front of their three children. It is reported by Fox6 TV.

According to the official representative of the local police, Jody Silva (Jodi Silva), Daniel Martinez and his common-law wife, Claudia Arriaga (Arriaga Claudia) strongly argued and shouted at each other. In the heat of anger the man pulled a gun and shot his beloved.

The woman died on the spot. What was the cause of the quarrel and how old were their children, is not specified.

4 February it became known that in Pakistan a man murdered his family after he learned that relatives approved of the marriage of his daughter. She was supposed to marry a young man who he did not like. Asif Shah at first shot his wife, then two daughters Komal and Reid, and after that seriously wounded a 15-year-old son and fled the scene.

The conflict occurred in the town of Attock in Punjab province. According to police, 26-year-old Komal came a-Courtin ‘ young man. The bride’s father’s choice was not to taste.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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