The government decided on a minimum price for vodka


Photo: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

The government has no plans to increase the minimum retail price of vodka in the current year. About it in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin, who oversees the Cabinet the alcohol industry.

“While we do not plan to increase the minimum retail price, this year we do not have such problems”, — he said.

According to Khloponin, now voiced proposals to tie the minimum price of vodka to inflation to offset the losses to producers. It is also proposed in the formation of prices rely on the standard of living of the population. “We are working on different models that allow and on the income level of the population include the deflator and inflation, and more”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.

He spoke about the government’s plans on regulation of the alcohol market in 2018. “We will continue to blow from the market illegal manufacturers. So far we are only talking about hard liquor, mainly vodka. And yet there is a huge market of beer, wine. There is also enough did not understand and who do not understand”, — said Khloponin.

According to the National Union of consumer rights protection, the volume of retail sales of vodka in 2017 decreased by 16.6 percent compared to last year and amounted to 67.5 million decaliters.

The previous increase in the minimum retail price of vodka took place in April 2017. Then the government decided to raise its price from the current 190 to 205 rubles per 0.5 liter bottle. The minimum price for 0.5 liters of cognac is now 371 rouble.

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