The judge threatened problems affected her son boy


Photo: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

A resident of Kemerovo has received threats from the judge of the arbitration court after he tried to prosecute the son of a woman for injuring her child, according to

According to the regional Department of the Ministry of interior, February 9 in the yard of one of schools of the Central district of Kemerovo, a 10-year-old student stabbed with scissors child from a parallel class. “Two children on the street found a pair of scissors. During the game one of them accidentally touched them other in the neck”, — told “Interfax” in the police. The son of kemerovchane received incised wound.

She told the publication that her son tried to snatch a fellow scissors, which they found on the street so that no one was injured. “The boy turned and slashed his neck with the words “Well, you got what you wanted?”then my son went out and told about the incident,” explained the victim’s mother.

School officials asked her politely to talk to the mother of the abuser of her son, because she was a judge of the arbitration court. The mother in turn began to apologize for the actions of his son and threatened that if it is put on record in the juvenile Affairs Commission, the same will have to wait and the affected child.

Earlier it became known that the Vice-President of LUKOIL Gennady Fedotov has addressed in police with the statement for the girl who beat his 10-year-old son. Fourth graders had a fight after she stood on his headdress, and the student made a remark to her. After the high profile publicity of the incident, the top Manager took a statement.

With the beginning of the year in Russian schools are few cases of an armed attack teenagers. January 15, two teenagers with knives massacred in Perm, injured 15 people. The attackers were arrested. On 19 January one of the students of the school №5 in the Buryat village of Sosnovy Bor threw the lesson of fifth class a Molotov cocktail, and then began to beat with an axe pupils and the teacher, and then tried to commit suicide. Injured seven people. In both cases, investigated cases of attempted murder.

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