The kidnappers “with the strength of Hercules” took the statue of Mars with pedestal


Photo: Lucianne Lassalle page in “Facebook»

In the UK criminals has claimed the sculpture with a concrete pedestal. This was reported by the newspaper Metro.

Police announced in tracing the kidnappers “force Hercules”, who stole in Bristol, a huge statue of the Roman God of war Mars, along with a pedestal. The ceramic sculpture depicts the head and torso of Mars. She was in the yard of the sculptor who created it, 57-year-old Lucien Lassalle (Lassalle, Lucianne).

She hopes that the theft of the statue was “drunk drawing”, and soon the kidnappers for her return. She made a statue about ten years ago and carried it with me from another city. “Even though it’s a statue of Mars, but for me it is more a memorial to the fallen in the war. This is a special work for me, and, besides, serious financial loss, as it was not insured,” — said Lassell. However, she admits that she is flattered that someone has taken so much effort to have it work.

She noted that the sculpture is impossible to raise one person, and she doesn’t understand how it moved over the fence. Also she lost her garden cart.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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