The President of the Philippines ordered to sweep the vagina protesters


Photo: Bullit Marquez / AP

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte ordered the soldiers to shoot the protesters vaginas of women. It is reported Cocounut Manila on Monday, February 12.

“Tell the soldiers: the new order (…) We will not kill you. We will sweep you of your vagina. (…) You’ll be useless,” said the President at the meeting with representatives of the New people’s army — the armed wing of the Maoist Communist party of the Philippines.

Full text of the speech, translated into English, published on the website of the presidential office for public relations. However, words for the female genitals, in the official text are not called and replaced with asterisks.

The words of the leader aroused the indignation of the Filipino feminists. In particular, fighting for women’s rights party “Gabriela” (Gabriela Women’s Party) on his page in Facebook wrote that the President calls “the fascists of the New people’s army to the bloody violations of human rights”.

Known for the scandalous statements of Duterte had previously called for the police to kill those who provide them with resisting arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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