The stars of “Sex and the city” scandal around a dead relative


Kim Catalfamo: Aftonbladet / ZumaPress /

Actress Kim cattrall scandal on the background of the death of his brother Christopher because of the sympathy that she brought Sarah Jessica Parker. Of cattrall in Instagram asked former colleagues not to exploit her tragedy.

“Your incessant attempts to contact me — a painful reminder of how cruel you really are. Let’s once and for all make it clear (if you still do not understand). You’re not a member of my family. You’re not my friend. So I’m writing you for the last time — stop trying to exploit our tragedy to be a ‘good girl’,” wrote of cattrall.

It is attached to the post a picture with the words “I don’t need your love and support, Sarah Jessica Parker” and a link to the article in the New York Post. It describes the long conflict between Parker and cattrall, which began in the late 1990s, during the filming of “Sex and the city,” in which the actress starred. In the article it is noted that Parker set up the entire crew against cattrall, bringing with her did not communicate during the work on the series.

February 5, cattrall announced the disappearance of 55-year-old brother. After a few hours it became known that the man found dead.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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