Voronezh patched the road well mattresses


Photo: home “Real Voronezh” in “Vkontakte»

Residents of Voronezh have closed the road well mattresses. Related pictures appeared in public “Real Voronezh” in “Vkontakte”.

As noted in the caption to the photo, an unusual method of repair of roads found at the Outpost — near the eponymous square, located in the Central part of the city.

Comments regretted paid into the Treasury the taxes. “Maybe the money then by the asphalt in the yard to do?”—wrote one of them. Another suggested that this unprecedented technology, “soft” roads. The third was suspected that the mattresses were used only to guard your Parking spot. “Marking your territory,so to speak”, — he explained.

Last year, the residents of Russian regions recorded a variety of unusual ways of dealing with the pits on the roads: in Saratov the hole in the pavement threw boards and plaster seals in Omsk potatoes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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