YouTube came up with a punishment for “bad” bloggers


Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters

The leadership of the largest YouTube decided to punish bloggers who publish “harmful” content, according to a blog platform.

According to the updated policy, YouTube reserves the right to temporarily deprive the “bad for community” channel to show ads. In addition, the author of the inappropriate commercials might lose access to premium programs monetization and Google Preferred YouTube Originals.

Representatives of YouTube also promised that violate the rules videos will never make it in tabs “In the trend” or “Recommended”. The punishment may vary depending on the situation. “Our team of experts on policy will analyze each case and to notify of any Creator whose behavior leads to loss of privileges”, — is spoken in the message of YouTube.

In early February, the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki said that one of the main tasks in 2018 for it was the establishment of a clear policy towards bloggers, which cause significant harm to the community. Rather, it was about the American blogger-the millionaire Logan Field, which in the beginning of the year mock corpse in the Japanese suicide forest Aokigahara. For that YouTube administration has deprived Sex-world money by disabling monetization on all channels.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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