A cyber attack during the Olympics was credited with the Russians


Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

The cyber security experts suspect Russian hackers hacking into the system of the Internet Olympic games in Pyeongchang. It is reported portal BuzzFeed.

Experts argue suspicion resentment of Russia on non-admission of a number of athletes to the Games, and the activity of hacker group Fancy Bear lately. US intelligence and the number of companies engaged in the field of cybersecurity, saying that Fancy Bear is controlled by Russian special services.

Adam Meyers (Adam Meyers), Vice-President of the company CrowdStrike specializing in cyber security, believes that odious group should be held accountable for the attack on the Game. According to him, the malware is trapped in the Olympic computer system was written on December 27. At the same time, probably Fancy Bear in November and December, stole the credentials of a user with the email address @pyeongchang2018.com.

Team Meyers noticed and other hackers aimed at servers of the Olympic games. But, according to them, only Fancy Bear spent such an extensive operation in preparation for attacks. However, no direct evidence on the “Russian trace” no CrowdStrike.

The representative of the organizing Committee of the Olympic games Jiji Lee (Jihye Lee) confirmed that a network issue was caused by a cyber attack. Type of virus that infected the system, is characterized as non-aggressive, aimed at intimidating the victim. According to experts, it does not block access to computers completely, and selectively deletes some files.

As previously reported by the organizers of the Games, virtual the attack occurred on Friday, February 9, and lasted about 45 minutes. Malicious software has hit the computers in the network, the Wi-Fi system and the mail server on which the email boxes @pyeongchang2018.com.

The winter Olympics will last until February 25.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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