A lost sketch by Klimt found in the closet dead grandmother


Gustav Klimt. “Two underlying”Photo: Public Domain / Wikimedia

In Austria discovered a sketch artist Gustav Klimt, which were long considered lost. This is the website of the ORF.

It turned out that the figure “Two lying” was kept by an Austrian woman who worked at the Museum of modern art in Linz assistant, and in 1977 he retired. The sketch was kept in the Museum since 1951, but when the heirs of owner of painting by Olga Jaeger wanted to return the relic, it was discovered her missing.

It turned out that the receptionist kept the sketch in a drawer for many years. The woman’s lawyer noted that, according to the will of the deceased, he was transferred to the possession of city administration.

In January it was reported that the painting, which three residents of the American city Teaneck wanted to sell for $ 800, turned out to be a lost Rembrandt. The painting hung in the house from 1930-ies, when it was purchased on sale.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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