Created ideal a cure for the flu


Photo: China Daily / Reuters

Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi has developed a drug poloxamer-karboksil, one dose of which cures from the flu in one day. The effectiveness of medicines, has not yet appeared on the market, has been proven in clinical trials, according to the publication Science Alert.

Specialists conducted a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial CAPSTONE-1, which was attended by 1436 people suffering from flu. Under this system, not only the patients, but the experimenters during the tests, don’t know what group to use one or another drug.

Volunteers randomly assigned to three groups — one patients once took 40-80 milligrams poloxamer-karboksil, and secondly people were treated 75 milligrams of oseltamivir for five days and the third took a placebo (control group).

The results showed that the number of patients with influenza in the first group decreased significantly compared with the second. The time it takes to eradicate the virus in the body was a little more than 24 hours. Upon receipt of oseltamivir, it took 72 hours and with placebo for 96 hours. In addition, treatment with the new drug resulted in a reduction in the risk of complications.

Application for approval of sale poloxamer-marbocyl Shionogi will be served this year. It is expected that the drug will become available in 2019.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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