Google was accused of manipulating pregnant women


Photo: Jeremy Maude /

Users of Google Maps noticed that the service does not always shows the nearest clinic for an abortion, replacing the results with information on crisis centres for pregnant women. It is reported by Gizmodo.

According to the journalists, crisis centers promoting their services using the ranking system. This algorithm is based on the information that is inserted into the service users. In such organizations, staff members try to dissuade women from abortion and to offer alternatives.

The related institutions can affect the positioning of the organization in the search results. Therefore, if the opponents of abortion done with specialized clinics and high ratings crisis centres, the latter will appear in the results more often.

Google representatives said that such results in the search results not associated with ads or keywords. However, the developers refused to reveal all the secrets. “We do not give information about how local ratings are working to minimize the fraud,” — said the Manager of public relations Google Liz Davydov. He also promised to deal with irrelevant results and advised users to report any such problems directly to the support of Google Maps.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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