Hungry lions left behind by the poacher only the head and guts


Photo: Nils Jorgensen /

In South Africa, lions killed a suspect in the poaching man. This was reported edition of South China Morning Post.

Police said that on February 12 near Kruger National Park in the bushes were found human remains. They were discovered in the reserve in the Limpopo province, where in recent years dramatically increased the number of poachers.

“Apparently, the victim was illegally hunted in the sanctuary when she was attacked by lions and killed her. They ate almost the whole body, leaving only the head and some guts”, — told the press Secretary to the police Department Limpopo Moutse Newbasic (Moatshe Ngoepesaid).

Near the remains of a hunter found a loaded gun. Police are trying to determine the identity of the deceased.

Poachers in South Africa to hunt lions, as their body parts are widely used in traditional medicine to Africans. Often their victims are rhinos because of the huge demand for animal horn in Asian countries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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