It revealed the secret of elegant hairstyle Kate Middleton


Kate MiddleName: Chris Jackson / Reuters

British fashion publication revealed the secret of evening hairstyles of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Reported by the Daily Mail.

To preserve the elegant tuft of hair at the back right, Kate uses fine mesh for the hair to match the hair, almost invisible from the outside. The grid allows individual hairs to stand out from the bunch. With this hairstyle the Duchess of Cambridge was present, particularly at official receptions during his visit to Sweden together with her husband, Prince William, in January 2018.

This accessory became a rush of demand from Brits. Online store superdrug were reported, bought up a large part of the stock of nets, which cost approximately $ 1.5 apiece.

In February, the Duchess of Cambridge chose to stay in Essex blue short coat model Ellory brand Goat. Kate Middleton for the fifth time appeared in that coat with the bow at the collar for a formal event. The cost model is $ 460. Outfit the Duchess added suede pumps. The thin stiletto heel of one Shoe stuck in the drain grate of a sidewalk, but the Duchess was able to escape without assistance.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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