Kitty spent several hours in a deadly trap and survived



Fleeing from the cold and snow the kitten stuck his head in the hole under the kitchen sink and gasped, but his time has pulled out. The incident was reported WNEM TV channel on 12 February.

Niederquell Courtney (Courtney Neiderquill) of the U.S. state of Michigan returned home on February 9 and heard her as if calling for help some kind of animal. She was surprised because she didn’t have Pets.

After a long search, an American raised kitchen Cabinet and found under it the head of a kitten, sandwiched between the floor and the pipe from the sink. The woman called firefighters to pull an animal. “When they finally were able to expand the hole, it turned out that the kitten all this time hung and miraculously suffocated”, she said.

Freed, the animal was immediately taken to veterinary hospital. The doctors who examined her said that the kitten is about three or four months, and he looks relatively healthy for a homeless animal. He probably got into the house through the cellar.

Rescued cat called muffin who found her, she’s planning to adopt an animal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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