Living in emergency house, the Russians were forbidden to touch walls


Photo: home “Club Councils MKD 55” in “Vkontakte»

In Omsk, the utility urged the residents of emergency houses “to exclude any dynamic or mechanical action” on the wall. The ads, which appeared in the house, published on Tuesday, February 13, “Superomsk”.

The warning indicates that the wear of the beams in the attic is 65 percent, which is threatening the lives and health of tenants. The necessity of repair of the house on the Avenue of Marx, built in 1956, was recognized by the court five years ago. In one of the apartments, according to the newspaper, the ceiling collapses, but there were no casualties.

In November last year it was reported that residents of several dilapidated buildings of Novokuznetsk learned that their house had disappeared from the list subject to the resettlement and demolition. Seven buildings survive without water and sanitation about fifty families. From the walls of these houses fall out the bricks to heat their ovens dangerous.

In September 2017 the administration of the Bryansk school tried to hide information about the injury of five students in the fall of plaster from the ceiling during the lesson. The Prosecutor’s office the responsibility entrusted as the school and city authorities due to the lack of money to replace the roof.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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