Lonely little men from the traffic lights found sweethearts



In Taiwan men on pedestrian traffic lights found a couple on Valentine’s Day. This was reported by the local edition of the Taiwan News.

On the eve of the South of the island in Pingtung County held the Grand opening of the first 40 lights with a new design. Them red man makes an offer to her friend, dropping to one knee, and the green messes with my girl.

The government of the region by the end of the year plans to install such lights throughout the County to do the old instances more attractive and to draw the attention of young people on transport safety. According to the head of the region Pani men-Anya (Pen Men-an), the new design also emphasizes that “Pingtung is a place filled with love.”

In 2017, it was reported that Australia appeared “feminine” lights, which are red and green men tried on skirts. The state government of Victoria, which was established ten pilot lights, explained that the campaign for gender equality. The majority of Australians did not support innovation and called it irrational waste of money.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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