Short memory gay brought Tajik policemen to the criminal case


Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

Three employees of the Ministry of the interior was arrested on suspicion of blackmail male sexual orientation. It is reported “Radio Ozodi”.

According to the Agency for hostingcontroller and the fight against corruption, the police demanded from the citizen five thousand somoni (about 33 thousand). Otherwise, they threatened to tell that he’s gay. “After receiving the victim’s two thousand somoni, the suspects demanded to pay them the remaining three thousand somoni, at the time of receiving which they were detained”, — is spoken in the message of anti-corruption Agency.

Concerning suspects criminal case for extortion and abuse of office.

The penalty for sodomy in Tajikistan was abolished in 1998, but human rights activists regularly report cases of beatings of persons based on sexual orientation.

In January it was reported that the General Prosecutor of Tajikistan Rahmon Yusuf will consider the proposal on introduction of criminal punishment for adultery. The proposal was made by one of the journalists. He argued that in Tajikistan for several months there have been several murders because of jealousy. The attorney General said in response that it would study the issue.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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