The audience came to the play with scenes of sex and slapping her


Photo: Brian Killian / Getty Images

Actors immersive production of Sleep No More in new York complained of harassment by spectators. About it writes The Guardian.

The play Sleep No More invites visitors to be among the artists and interact with them. In the formulation there are sex scenes and erotic dancing, and the actors sometimes grab the audience and take away from the rest of the group stage tete-a-tete.

Immersive play Sleep No More

The publication notes that many actors and Actresses have been sexually harassed by the audience, “get a license”. The producers of the show claimed that what is happening on stage monitoring security, however, the artists accuse it of inaction.

In an immersive performance, the audience is a participant in the story, and the actors generally interact with him — say something, take hands and lead somewhere.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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