The capital criminal investigation Department has a new chief


Photo: Dmitry Korotaev / “Kommersant»

At Petrovka,38, the new heads of the office of the Metropolitan criminal investigation, the office for drug control and the fourth Department of the MIA for Moscow. About it “” reported in the Metropolitan Chapter of the police on Tuesday, February 13.

“Decrees of the President of Russia to the position of Deputy chief of police GU MVD of Russia in Moscow — the chief of criminal investigation Department of the Moi of Russia in Moscow appointed major-General of the police Sergey Kuzmin, and the chief of management on control over drug trafficking (UCON) — the General-the major of police Yury Devyatkin,” — said the official representative of the MIA.

According to him, by order of the head of the chief of the fourth Directorate of the Ministry of interior (responsible for policing and investigating crimes on the territory of objects with a special regime) has been appointed Colonel of internal service Andrey Glushkov.

Sergey Kuzmin from September 2017 was the acting chief of the criminal investigation Department of GU MVD in Moscow, succeeding major-General Igor Zinoviev, who was appointed the chief of internal Affairs for the Eastern district of the capital. Before Kuzmin was the first Deputy chief of main Department of MIA of Ukraine on drug control.

Yuri Devyatkin was the acting head of UKON from the moment of transfer it to the jurisdiction of the Moi in Moscow on 8 June 2016. 42-year-old major-General was born in the Bryansk region and most of the services held there, and it is in the units to combat drug trafficking. In 2013, he was transferred to Moscow and appointed Deputy chief of a capital Central Board the Federal drug control service.

Colonel Andrew Glushakov 2017 was the Deputy chief of logistics Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs logistics and medical support. Prior to that, he 16 years he served in the operative units of the regional Department for combating organized crime (RUBOP) and the office for combating economic crimes and corruption (Bepips).

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