The chicken hearts were life-threatening


Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti

Non-profit organization “Roskontrol” conducted a review of chicken hearts, meat by-products from six brands: “agribusiness”, “Clear dawns”, “the Rzhev compound”, “Pelinka”, “Petrushka” and “the White bird”. Copies of the results experise are available “»

In produce brands of “White bird” and “Petrushka” found E. coli and Listeria, E. coli was also identified in the chicken hearts of the brand “Miratorg”. In the production of the brands “Petelinka” and “yasnye Zori” revealed bacteria Salmonella. These bacteria cause a person has a strong infectious diseases — listeriosis and salmonellosis.

During visual inspection of the product brands, the experts came to the conclusion that none of the samples corresponds to the GOST on the packaging was attended by blood clots, which should not be there. In addition, in most of the samples revealed the excess of moisture, “leaders” on this indicator were brands, “White bird”, “Petrushka”, “Pelinka”, “Clear dawns” — experts suspect the manufacturers to use water-retaining additives.

The study “Roskontrol” included in a black list 4 of the 6 samples. Samples of brands “Miratorg” and “the Rzhev compound” appeared in the list of “comments” due to the fact that formally they should fit the TU (technical conditions), not the standard.

In mid-January it was reported that the meat of broiler chickens has also been found dangerous to health. The meat was discovered antibiotics, dangerous bacteria, and traces of injections of saline, which is used to increase the mass of the product.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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