The police were interested in buttocks Brazilian and found them to be cocaine


Photo: Policia Judiclaria

Police in Portugal have detained a man who tried to smuggle across the border with a kilo of cocaine in the overhead buttocks. About it reports BBC News.

Local media said that the attacker arrived by plane from Brazil to Lisbon international airport, where he caught the attention of the guards. Overhead the buttocks of the passenger they found the party drug, which would be enough for five thousand doses. The exact cost of the goods, police said.

Now the man faces charges of drug trafficking. In addition to the smuggler, one of the stations were detained and a potential buyer.

Last month it was reported the interception of a large consignment of cocaine police of Spain and Portugal. A few hundred kilograms of matter, the criminals hid in a fresh pineapple.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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