The Russians have become ardent opponents of adultery


Photo: Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

The share of ardent opponents of adultery among Russians has doubled over the last quarter century, and reached 52 percent. This follows from the results of the poll, presented to RIA Novosti.

In 1991, a sharp criticism of the campaigns “on the left” were 35 percent of respondents

Loyal to infidelity reacted approximately one in ten participants (12%). Many of those who admit to cheating in exceptional cases.

Among the moderate and the ardent opponents of cheating significantly more than women: 69 per cent versus 57 for men.

Sociologists have also found the opinion of Russians concerning same-sex relationships. The proportion of those who apply to such relations, condemning, in recent years has increased to 79 percent (how is not specified).

In addition, respondents were asked questions about attitudes towards abortion. Fundamentally condemn the termination of pregnancy a quarter of respondents (26 percent). Those who did not consider such actions reprehensible, slightly more (28 percent).

In the January study involved two thousand adult respondents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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