The serpent “spiritual” swallowed a multimillion-dollar revenues of the Nigerian officials


Photo: Chaiwat Subprasom / Reuters

An employee of the Nigerian examination Council stated that its revenues ate the mysterious snake. It is reported the Nigerian newspaper Daily Trust.

When checking the branch of the organization in the Nigerian city of Makurdi, the auditors have observed the disappearance of 36 million Naira (5.8 million rubles) earned on the sale of scratch cards with codes for registration exams. The seller explained the lack of money that swallowed a snake.

“For me it was also a mystery — quoted by the Nigerian newspaper Daily Post her words. — I kept the money in the Bank, but there it is difficult for them to follow. Then I started to put money in the vault at the office. But whenever I opened the store, inside was empty. It worried me. I didn’t understand where getting away millions of Naira. I began to ask everyone in the house and in the office, and nobody could agree what happens to the money. I continued to push until my maid confessed. She said that the money was gone “spiritually”. According to her, the house penetrated “the mysterious snake” and swallowed the money in a vault.”

Investigators say they failed to find the snake itself, no evidence that she really is hiding near the crime scene. According to the Daily Trust, the responsibility for the missing money will be borne by the saleswoman.

Users of social networks in Nigeria is the third day laugh at the excuse that was invented by a woman. “Calculate how much time it will take to swallow 36 million denominations of 100, 200 and 500 Naira and then determine the chances of a snake for survival,” the BBC News quoted one of the posts.

Someone started a Twitter account for the snake, which swallowed the money. “Greedy aunts and uncles don’t want to give money? Please send address, I’ll eat their values and spit them to you, writes good sense of humor on behalf of the voracious reptile. Take very cheap! Eat the money for a more sane democracy”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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