USA followed by Russia will resume the creation of supersonic aircraft


Image: NASA

The administration of the President of the United States approved funding for the development of supersonic aircraft and approved start of operation QueSST X-Plane. The aircraft is being developed by NASA engineers in collaboration with Lockheed Martin.

In total, NASA will receive in 2019 19.9 billion dollars, but it is unknown what portion of this amount will be allocated for establishment of the aircraft. The development is fully financed from the budget. QueSST first flight is scheduled for 2021. The plane will become a platform for testing new technologies.

“X-Plane will open new opportunities for American companies, which will allow you to create a faster commercial planes, new jobs, and also reduce the flight twice. Hypersonic research is also crucial for national defense”, — the document says.

The new aircraft must meet the requirements of ecological safety, to move with higher speed and be more quiet compared to similar aircraft. X-Plane will be equipped with long and narrow wings, electric engines embedded in the fuselage, and as the energy for flying is expected to use biofuels. Its development began in March 2016.

In January, Russia began test flights of a supersonic bomber Tu-160M. Serial production of the car began in 1984 in Kazan, in the 1990s it stopped after the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin announced the cancellation of the purchase of these aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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