All the Dutch will send to the authorities


Photo: Yves Herman / Reuters

In the Netherlands all citizens over the age of 18 will submit to the donor registry internal organs if they didn’t sign a waiver. Reported by Deutsche Welle on Wednesday, 14 Feb.

A bill to make all adult citizens in the list of volunteers was adopted by the upper house of the Dutch Parliament. The gap supporting document of the senators from his opponents was small — 38 votes to 36.

With the introduction of the law, all those who have not expressed a desire to donate, will be sent two notices. In them the citizens will propose to refuse the transfer of their bodies to the state after death. If the recipient does not answer the two letters, it will automatically make the list. However, the write failure can later be used at any time.

Deutsche Welle said that the shortage of donor organs is a long-standing issue of the Kingdom. Dutch radio station NOS had previously cited data for the first half of 2016, when not waiting for their turn to necessary in the hospitals died 57 patients. In 2015 in the donor register was was a quarter of the population of the Netherlands aged 12 years, was transferred to NL Times.

Adopted the same laws apply in Spain, Belgium and France.

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