Assistant to the President told about the decline of the male world


Vladislav Sourcefoo: Dmitry Azarov / “Kommersant»

The Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov has written for magazine “Russian pioneer” column “Valentine in scarlet”, devoted to “sunset” a man’s world because of feminism.

“Who doubts, look to the West — the matriarch really is. Women take power,” — said the assistant President. According to him, more and more Ministers, mayors and heads of government are women, more and more “just some wanton assertive and aimlessly punching women”.

“The next step will be the requirement for women to reverse roles — “now stick we will be.”Someone has to take the initiative sex, it seems, has not been canceled. It’s better than nothing,” warned the assistant to the President.

He stressed that the world is “the invention of men,” and reminded that “the rise of women is a symptom of decline.” As examples, he cited the words of Aristotle about “the fall of Sparta due to “the weaker sex”,” the collapse of the Roman Empire after “the adoption of Christianity by Helen” the beginning of the degradation of the government of the Ottoman Empire in connection with the “women’s Sultanate” and “irreparable damage to Russian absolutism” caused by the empresses.

According to Surkov, in Western countries “matriarchal democracy” is coming to replace liberal. “All the signs of another “sunset” of Europe (or rather, Euramerica) there,” — he wrote.

Only a few, according to assistant to the President, “the busy man’s case — to invent and design a new reality, while their companions run to date.” In particular, the men allegedly engaged in digital economy, the transformation of hackers into the dominant class, innovative wars. “Mothers on the farm. But the fathers return with a new world, with new toys for all”, — concluded the author.

Russia affected by feminism only slightly, said Surkov. “Again, whether we are behind all, or, on the contrary, ahead of everyone. This uncertainty tells us the only possible strategy of behavior in case of rebellion of women. The strategy of the Cunctator and Barclay procrastinate and avoid. Not accept the imposed battle. And yet, love”, concluded the assistant of the President.

In 2009, the magazine published the novel “Okolonolya,” written by Nathan Dubovitskii, the authorship of which “statements” attributed to Surkov, who was then the post of Deputy head of the presidential administration.

In 2015, President Vladimir Putin wrote a column for the magazine “Russian pioneer”, in which he told that his parents didn’t hate the Nazis.

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