“Cat woman” denied the rumors about plastic surgery


Jocelyn Wildenstein: Scott Gries / Getty Images

Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein (Jocelyn Wildenstein), named for its appearance “Catwoman”, denies that he sought the help of plastic surgeons. She stated this in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Wildenstein noted that the features of her face are explained in “Swiss origin”. She complained that it is often confused with actress Brigitte Bardot. “It’s just crazy. Should we come to any French restaurant, I said, “hi, Bridget,” and surrounded by attention,” says 77-year-old Wildenstein.

Her fiance, 50-year-old designer Lloyd Klein (Lloyd Klein) said that his bride really looks the same as the photographs sixteen years ago. She Wildenstein said that although “lost its youthful freshness”, her features have not changed.

The peak of fame Jocelyn Wildenstein occurred in 90-e years, when she married billionaire Alec Wildenstein, and then divorced him and sued for 2.5 billion dollars (approximately 145 billion). With current fiance she was seeing for 14 years, in December of 2016, she was arrested for the attack on Klein — the police suspected that she had scratched the man’s face. However, he said that it hurt the dish exploded on the stove, and the sound of a quarrel, which was heard by neighbors, was, in fact, the sounds of their lovemaking.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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