Deer in the United States shot down a helicopter


Photo: @DanKUTV

In USA red deer research shot down the helicopter. The helicopter crew called “a miracle” the fact that they managed to survive. This was reported by KUTV.

The incident occurred February 14 in the County of Wasatch, Utah. The hunters chased deer in a helicopter, to put on his e-collar with a GPS sensor for tracking its movements. The machine was at a height of less than three metres above the ground when the team found the animal and the pilot threw him a net, which was to knock down the deer.

However, according to aboard Marc Hadley (Mark Hadley), this did not happen because the grid is not tied to his feet. In addition, deer horns hit the rear rotor of the helicopter and broke it, the pilot managed to land the machine. The crew escaped with bruises and grazes, the animal died. “I can’t believe we survived,” — said Hadley.

He noted that he is aware that his work is fraught with many dangers. However, according to Hadley, after many years of practice that’s happened to him for the first time.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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