Emerging from the collapse of the USSR the white bear died due to hunger and loneliness


Andermatt: Perm zoo

In Perm died the oldest in Russia, white bear Amderma, told RIA Novosti curator of the local zoo Olesya Gagovic.

“Despite his age, Amderma was quite active. Only in recent weeks she hid in her cage and did not appear in public, and before the death of the animal refused to eat,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The exact age of the bear is unknown. She came to the people in 1989 together with his offspring, when wandering near the polar military of the village of Amderma.

In December 1991, when the Council of republics of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted the Declaration on the dissolution of the eponymous state, dipper was already in the zoo.

“She was at least 38 years — a record age for all polar bears, which are contained in the Russian zoos,” — said Jugovic.

For two decades, Amderma gave birth to six cubs. Her progeny lives not only in the Russian zoos, but also in Japan.

In December last year of the most terrifying video from a polar bear starving on the canadian island of Baffin island. The author of the video explained that he wanted to use it to draw attention to global warming, because of which polar bears can completely be extinct in the near future.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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