Favorites “Oscar” was accused of racism, plagiarism and pedophilia


Sam Rockwaller: the film “Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri»

The struggle for the main prize “Oscar-2018” was one of the most controversial in the history of film — favourites was accused of racism, plagiarism, pedophilia and exploitation of prison labor. On Wednesday, February 14, writes The Guardian.

In a note given recent media accusations tapes “Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”, “Call me your name”, “Form of water” and “Dunkirk”. The author emphasizes that not all criticism is objective, and implies that some of the allegations appeared due to the excessive popularity of the paintings.

After the premiere of “Three billboards” in the United States public felt that the tape justifies racism because of the “overly soft attitude” of the protagonist played by McDormand to the police-racist, played by Sam Rockwell. Director Martin McDonagh had to justify to critics — he explained that the tape specially made “immoral and heavy.” “This is not a film for six years, we are not “the Avengers” shoot,” he noted.

The painting “Call me her name” about a love relationship 17-year-old Italian teenager and a 24-year-old American scientist was accused of pedophilia. Critics have emphasized that even though the age of sexual consent in Italy is 14 years, painting has a negative impact on Hollywood, surrounded by sex scandals and allegations of harassment.

Film by Christopher Nolan about the Second world war “Dunkirk” has faced criticism after it emerged that some of the sets for the film were created by prison inmates and the producers thus save money. The ribbon Guillermo del Toro “Form of water”, which received 13 nominations on “Oscar”, was accused of plagiarism — in the picture is supposedly almost entirely repeats the plot of the play Let Me Hear You Whisper (“Let me hear you whisper”) the American writer Paul Zindel, written in 1969. At the same time in the credits is not mentioned neither the playwright nor his work.

Winners of “Oscar” will be called at the ceremony in Los Angeles on March 4. For the award in the category “Best foreign language film” will fight the Russian tape “Dislike” directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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