Grin dog has advised users to turn it into a three-headed Alien and a monster



A Reddit user posted a picture of his dog, aggressively Baring its teeth amid broken furniture. The inspired users of the photoshop battle.

The post became one of the most visited on Reddit for a day. Many commentators have sympathized with the dog owners and also spoke about the terrifying pet. “Fire and fury!”— admired expression they grin.

Photo: 1/4

Practicing wit, users should consider the angry dog like an ocean monster, Alien and a dragon.

In response to requests to tell details of the incident, the author said that the dog was utterly boring. “In recent times it has become too cold to walk in the Park, and the length of our walks is reduced”, — he explained. Total destruction of the sofa, with his words, occurred almost immediately, he had to get out of the house. “We’re both looking forward to the warm weather,” he concluded in the final, bearing in mind that if the pet will be where to direct destructive energy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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