Half naked supermodel fell from the cliff


Photo: Sports Illustrated

Supermodel Kate Upton fell into the water from a cliff while shooting for Sports Illustrated magazine, reports the Metro.

Upton posed for the photographer Topless covering Breasts with hands, long layered skirt, a sarong, on a small rock in the middle of the raging stream. While posing Upton slipped and fell into the water, opening the chest. Besides, she lifted the skirt, showing naked thighs.

Upton didn’t get hurt in the fall, and took the incident with humor.

In February 2018 American supermodel Kate Upton was accused of sexual harassment Paul Marciano, creative Director and co-founder of the brand Guess. In his account on the social network Twitter Upton was indignant with that the Guess company still uses the services of Marciano, in spite of his immoral behavior in the models. She accompanied her post with the hashtag meToo, which is used by those who want to talk about their experiences of violence and harassment. The post gathered more than 40 thousand likes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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