Iran found the enemy lizards spies


Photo: Alexey Pavlicek / RIA Novosti

Former chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces General Hassan Firuzabadi said that the foreigners use lizards for spying on Iran’s nuclear facilities. He stated this in an interview with the Iranian ILNA Agency, reports IFPnews.

Firuzabadi says that in Iran some time ago came a group of people, who said that raising money for Palestine. They began to move around the country unusual routes, thereby causing suspicion of law enforcement bodies of Iran. According to the General, instead of having to go to Isfahan and Tehran, they began to “wander the desert”.

Activists who returned to Tehran, was allowed to leave the country, but they confiscated things, among which was discovered lizards, chameleons and alligators.

The General added that “the skin of reptiles is able to capture nuclear radiation”, therefore, Iranian authorities came to the conclusion that the owners of the lizards were spies trying to find out the location of uranium mines and nuclear facilities of Iran.

In the summer of 2015 an agreement has been reached between Iran and the “six” of international mediators (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany) against Tehran’s nuclear program. According to the agreement, the Islamic Republic committed for five years to enrich uranium to a level higher than 3.67%, and to convert the factory “Ford” in the technology center. In exchange, Tehran has promised to gradually lift all sanctions.

Western countries have repeatedly accused Iran that, under the guise of peaceful nuclear energy, it developed its own nuclear program. Tehran denies all charges.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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