Live snail settled in suppurating elbow boy


Photo: Virginia State Parks

In the U.S. city of Los Angeles, California, doctors found a live snail in the abscess on the elbow of the child. About it reports UPI, citing research published in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports.

Went to the hospital the 11-year-old boy with purulent inflammation of the hand. As it turned out, he scraped my elbow when swimming in the tidal pond on the beach for a week before going to doctors.

The autopsy and abscess drainage experts have noticed under the skin foreign body with a diameter of five millimeters. Upon closer inspection, it was a sea snail-litorina related to the species Littorina scutulata.

According to the author, the snail egg got into the wound when the child scratched in the arm. “The unique characteristics of this millinga shellfish allowed him to survive in subcutaneous tissue for weeks, despite the hostile environment of cutaneous abscess”, — stated in the work.

When the boy was discharged, he captured the snail with me. Later, doctors learned that the clam died a day after he was removed from the abscess.

Littorina scutulata is a small marine snails that are found near the Eastern coast of North America from Alaska to Mexico. They live up to seven years and grow up to six inches in length.

On 13 February it was reported that in the eyes of American women found 14 parasitic worms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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